League of Legends the most played game on the PC, probably on anything


Xfire, the game-logging and chat-happy bit of software that lets you track your gaming, and talk to your friends from within the game, has reported that League of Legends is now the most played PC Game on their books, clocking in almost 1.3 billion hours in the period from last July to this June. That’s… well, that’s one of those numbers that you can’t really hold in your head for more than a moment or two, for fear of explosion.

Forbes first reported the story, noting that Bungie, makers of Halo, have stated that the entire Halo franchise has seen 2 billion hours of play in the seven years that it’s been available. Which means that League of Legends is almost there in a single year. Call of Duty can’t exactly be much further ahead than Halo, when you think about it.
So with that in mind, is it so ridiculous to think that more people play more League of Legends than any other game on the planet? No, it wouldn’t be too ridiculous. Especially when this is just Xfire, and the vast majority of PC players won’t be using the software.It’s amazing what you can get out of such a dead platform, isn’t it?
If you fancy joining the increasingly massive mob that’s playing the game, check out our guide to which champions you should try first, and we should be having an in depth beginner’s guide any day now.

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