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League of Legends new champion is Jinx the loose cannon


If League of Legends wasn’t wild enough, Riot are deeming now the correct time to introduce their 116th champion and let a loose cannon into the arena. Thankfully ‘loose cannon’ is a term that only applies to her voice/visual persona, since new champion Jinx will indeed still do what you command, and won’t run into the field shooting everyone in the kneecaps despite being told not to by a senior-ranking officer. 

The not-as-loose-as-Jack-Bauer Jinx is a criminal from the city of Piltover on a quest for mindless devastation and the destruction of dirty cop Vi. Swinging around a giant minigun and trailing a braid of bright blue hair, she evokes a few personality traits of that well known DC supervillain.

Choose her as your champion, and Jinx will serve you well as a ranged carry or marksman. The minigun packs quite a punch, but slamming Q will pull out a rocket launcher that really rains pain, although costs mana for every shot fired. W and E offer crowd control abilities, with a slow and snare attack. Level up enough and you’ll unlock Jinx’s ultimate, the “Super Mega Death Rocket”, which does as its title suggests. The rocket has unlimited range and accelerates as it flies.

If Jinx sounds like your idea of a good time, she’s currently available as a champion on the Public Beta Environment. If you’re not playing in those parts, then hold out a little longer. A full release date has yet to be revealed.

Thanks, Polygon.