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League of Legends November bundles available now


If your champion selection screen is looking a little undernourished at the moment, League of Legend’s November bundles could just be in time to save you from using that champion for the thirtieth time in a row. Four new packages, seventeen different champions, hundreds of hours of practice to master the lot of them. 

First up is The Bear Essentials bundle, which – you guessed it – collects together four bear-themed champions together. For 4242 RP, you can get a set of characters and skins including Volibear and Runeguard Volibear, Sejuani and Bear Cavalry Sejuani, Annie and Panda Annie, and Teemo and Panda Teemo. If you’ve already got one or two of them don’t worry about breaking the bank, the deal will scale to only charge you for the champions you need.

Taking a more surgical approach is the Masters of Malpractice bundle, which will help dish out a dosage of pain to your enemies. The 3769 RP bundle includes Shen and Surgeon Shen, Kennen and Kennen M.D, and Akali and Nurse Akali.

Sons of Anarchy fans can display their love for thundering two-wheeled machines with the Biker Boys bundle, consisting of Jax, Twitch, Brand, Vladmir, and Gragas, all matched with Vandal skins for a fetching 3945 RP for the whole team. That’s 50% off!

If you’re looking to swap up your playstyle and act as a carry for a bit, then you’ll need a suitable champion. Thresh, Zyra, Nami, Lulu, and Leona make up the Carry your carry bundle, and are a sweet deal at 3585 RP.

If these bundles temp the MOBA god inside of you, act quick; they’re only at these prices until November 26th. Head over the the League of Legends in-game champion store to pick them up.

Thanks, WizardCrab at Reign of Gaming.