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League of Legends: presenting your NA and EU all-star teams


Voting is over, and the votes have been tallied. Riot have chosen their players to represent both North America and Europe in the League of Legends Championship: All-Star Week, which will take place at the Shanghai Grand Stage in China. There they will face team and individual events to sort out who are the best of the best and which region is the most dominant in all of League of Legends.

After a long campaign, both EU and NA have their all-star teams decided:


Diamondprox (Gambit BenQ)

Alex Ich (Gambit BenQ)

sOAZ (Fnatic)

EDward (Gambit BenQ)

Yellowpete (EG Raidcall)

North America

Saintvicious (Curse)

Scarra (Team Dignitas)

Dyrus (TSM Snapdragon)

Xpecial (TSM Snapdragon)

Doublelift (Counter Logic Gaming)

BenQ clearly won the popularity vote in the EU contest, actually featuring four winning entries. However, due to the rules of the competition, only three are permitted per team, therefore Evgeny was replaced by Yellowpete from EG.

Their NA counterparts were so happy, they made a video full of smiles:

The winning team will also earn their region an additional place in the Season 3 World Championship, so the stakes are high.

All-Star week takes place between May 24th and May 26th, and you can watch it live here.