League of Legends Snowdown Showdown event brings new Christmas threads for some of the better behaved heroes


Another day closer to Christmas and another Yuletide themed update for a game dear to our hearts. Today’s benefactor of festive cheer is League of Legends with its Snowdown Showdown event; it brings new costumes and, more importantly, lets you gift items and costumes to other players.

You can read all the details over here, but in short bulletpoints this is what the update brings:

Previous year’s costumes are being dusted off for:

But that’s not all:

  • During this festive season, sight and vision wards will be themed – think of it as if the Eye of Sauron were to wear a Father Christmas hat

That’s still not all.Between now and the 6 January the following actions will earn you aspecial icon:

  • Participating in a five-man premade match in any queue
  • Behaving well in the spirit of the Snowdown season
  • Purchasing RP as a gift for a friend
  • Purchasing a champion as a gift for a friend
  • Purchasing a skin as a gift for a friend
  • Being one of the top participants this Snowdown

Also, up till the 26 December, you can go to the gift centre to give anyone on your friends list Riot Points, Champions, and skins. Well, isn’t that nice.