League of Legends streamer raises over $100,000 for charity in just 13 hours


In another example of how awesome people are, League of Legends streamer Siv HD’s audience donated a collective $106,000 to Save the Children. What gruelling activity did Siv have to undergo to raise this money? He played League of Legends for 13 hours.

Kind of wish I’d done that instead of cycle the 350 miles home from Gamescom.

Siv kicked the day off by donating $100 to the charity through a page set up on Gaming for Good. He’d originally set the target for $50,000. This was hit after the first ten hours. Not a bad rate. What happened next was pretty stunning. Siv raised his target to $77,000. He hit that. He raised it to $100,000. He hit that, too. It took him just three hours to more than double his original target. After 13 hours of straight play, when he logged off to sleep, Siv had raised $106,000 from 7,650 separate donations.

The videos of the event are archived on Siv’s Twitch channel.

Cheers, Kotaku.