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League of Legends teases Rengar, a scraggly lion man


I love jungling, me. It places you in a position of anonymity, where your ganks are entirely unexpected, except by the general sense of unease that pervades whenever you’re past the river on your lane. It lets you enjoy feeling like you’re the predator, when so much of League of Legends makes you feel like the prey. Or at least, a pair of sheep knocking horns into one another. 
Riot understand this, and as such the next champion to grace their game is going to be a jungler. I’m fairly sure of that. He’s got an eyepatch, he’s a big dishevelled white lion and he’s creeping out in some grass. And he’s called Rengar. That all says jungler to me.

On the official announcement page, they describe Rengar in this way: “Whether you meet Rengar face-to-face ont he battlefield or back-to-blade during the hunt, you’re never alone and never safe when the Pridestalker’s chosen you as his trophy.” Which, if you were a speculating man (and I’m always a speculating man), you might take to mean that he may be a stealth hero, especially after they’ve finally figured out how to make Evelynn and Twitch work.
As usual, there’s no official release date for the Champion, but these things usually start spooling up a week or so before they arrive in the game.