Player submits ‘Angus’ support champion design document to Riot


I don’t know about you, but there is certainly a dearth of female support champions with the likes of Janna, Orianna, Sona, Soraka, Lulu and Leona, and while there are some male supports, they’re all either beastly, robots or Taric. Which isn’t really putting the ‘sup’ in support. OrbitalDropKick, visionary that he is, has decided to fix this issue and bring the manly to the support role with Angus, the Puncher.

He’s got a big beard, copious amounts of chest hair, fingerless gloves and a flannel shirt, and he inspires his teammates with punches, reflects arrows by flexing his manly chest, cooks up a BBQ when his laning partner needs some sustenance, and then transfers the power of beard with a slap as his ultimate, giving them a general buff from speed to sex appeal.

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While clearly a joke, it’s got its foot in the right direction, especially coming off the proper announcement of Zyra and her conspicuous lack of anything substantial in the way of clothing. Support champions, too, aren’t given all that much love, and while Lulu was fairly recent, it’s rare that you actually see her in a game these days.

Besides, the idea of Angus and Volibear having a mandatory wrassle whenever they meet is just too good notto make a reality.

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