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Prepare for d’aww: Cloud 9 talk what makes the best League of Legends team in North America tick

League of Legends

If you think you know the way to the top of League of Legends’ leaderboards and you’re still shouting at your comrades, you’re wrong.

Cloud 9 know better. It’s not about trolling, but trust. Not teamfights, but teamwork. Not last hits, but lasting friendships. Etc.

Cloud 9 have had an astonishing Season 3, despite a relatively new roster. By August this year, they’d fostered the longest win streak in LCS history after 13 unbroken victories. One grand final win against TSM later, they’d also bagged $50,000 and the highest win rate in LCS history: 91% across 33 games. Here’s how they did it, courtesy of TeamworkOP:

It’s easy, then: leave everything behind and ensure your teammates are your best chums. Also tactical genii. That bit’s probably crucial.

I’m beginning to realise that I couldn’t possibly hack it as a pro gamer, even if my hands moved much faster than they do. How about you?