Razer launch League of Legends branded peripherals


Razer have partnered up with Riot Games to offer some League of Legends Collector’s Edition peripherals. The lineup includes a special League of Legends branded Naga Hex, sporting six thumb buttons for easy item/spell activation.

To go along with the Naga Hex are two League of Legends branded mouse mats, the League of Legends Collector’s Edition Razer Goliathus and finally the League of Legends Razer Sphex. The Collector’s Edition products both come with a code to unlock the Barbarian King “Tryndamere”.

Owning the Razer Naga Epic myself, which features twelve thumb buttons, I can more than testify to its advantages in any MOBA game. Having your items assigned to 1-6 on the mouse allows you to keep your keyboard hand focused on your ability keys. This allows for some lighting fast ability/item combos that can leave your opponents dumbfounded. The League of Legends Razer Naga Hex retailed at £79.99.


The League of Legends Collector’s Edition Razer Goliathus sells for £17.99.


If you want a cheaper option, there’s always the League of Legends Razer Sphex. It features an adhesive coating to make sure it doesn’t budge during those tense moments. You can also wash it when it gets dirty and it’s “going to be like new again”. Wipe clean, too. Probably. It’ll cost you £13.99.


Excluding the Razer Sphex, you will also receive a special unlock code to add Tryndamere to your champion roster. A hulking barbarian king, he was named after the president of Riot Games, Marc Merrill. Fun fact: his abilities don’t have a cost associated with them, only being limited by his cooldowns.

Which is nice.