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Riot Champion Spotlight on Zed, League of Legends’ latest


Zed is the “master of shadows”, if you’re capable of pulling his strings in just the right directions at precisely the opportune moment. But how can you dance the jungle tango, nary a step out of place, with somebody you’ve only just met? Find out in Riot’s new Champion Spotlight.

Our Josh talked Zed in his League of Legends champion review:

“You already know whether or not you like melee AD assassins. It’s a very specific type of gameplay that most people love or hate.

“If you love it and don’t think that Talon, Rengar and their sneaky ilk provide enough complexity to challenge you, then pick up Zed. He’s one of the most complicated, in execution, melee AD champions to come out so far. This is one that’ll separate the pros from the noobs.”

Are you up/bull-headed enough for the challenge?