Riot fix wave of disconnects troubling League of Legends EU server

EU League of Legends players have suffered random disconnections.

League of Legends’ EU servers have taken a bit of a battering over the past couple of months. Their players have endured internet provider hardware failures, battled bandwidth-strangling faulty circuits, and struggling with serious latency issues that left this twitchiest of competitive multiplayer games twitching in all the wrong places.

EUW was all patched up in time for Christmas – but its troubles began anew with reports of disconnects a couple of days ago.

Riot became aware of the reports on Saturday. Realising the potential for widespread disconnects to spread havoc in the game’s competitive scene, the developers promptly disabled Ranked play, and enabled their Loss Prevention protocol.

An investigation ensued, and they discovered the source of the “busy connection” that was preventing players from logging onto the server. After a final systems health check, Ranked play was turned back on – and Riot announced that “everything is returning back to normal”.

“Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience,” wrote inappropriately-nicknamed community coordinator Philip ‘Panic’ Kourousis.

Have any of you lot been subjected to sudden match write-offs in the last week or so?

Thanks, Reign of Gaming.