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Sonuvalich: League of Legend’s Karthus gets a makeover

League of Legends Karthus

League of Legends’ skinny Lich man, Karthus, has moved with the times and been given a big ol’ update, tying him to the lore a bit more and giving the boney bugger a bit more personality. 

“Updating Karthus gives us a chance to expand his breadth of character so he again fills a unique niche,” says Riot. That means a new look, better animations and over 200 lines of dialogue and a new voice. 

“Updating Karthus means we can apply all the tech and knowhow that we’ve picked up since launching the game,” says Riot. “For example, we’re actually going to animate his robes so he doesn’t look like a jellyfish in his idle state, and we’re building a whole range of Lay Waste animations so he Qs with variety. On top of that, we’re greatly increasing the fidelity of his model.”

The skeletal mage – though he’s less skeletal than he was before – will hit PBE soon, and you can take him for a spin before he lands on the live servers.