Team Dignitas manager’s house ravaged by fire; eSports fans raise $14,000 to replace children’s possessions

Dota 2

Odee is manager of Team Dignitas, the UK pro gaming team with top-performing representatives in PCGamesN favourites League of Legends, StarCraft 2 and Dota 2, among others. He was in Vegas this weekend for a thunderous IPL5, but flew home early after a fire devastated the upstairs floor of his house.

Now a campaign led by Total Biscuit has raised more than enough money to replace the possessions of Odee’s daughters.

John ‘Total Biscuit’ Bain reports that anything not destroyed in the fire will have to be thrown out, either because of severe smoke and soot damage or potential carcinogenic effects.

“Quite frankly I’ve been friends with Odee for a very long time and I certainly respect everything he has done when it comes to eSports. He runs a successful team, and yet as with most eSports ventures it is very much a passion project,” said Bain.

“You don’t start an eSports team with an aim to make money. It is in fact very much a money sink more often than not.”

The fire was caused by a halogen lamp which set fire to a duvet, and is estimated to have caused about £10,000 worth of damage, although structural damage isn’t yet accounted for.

Bain’s ChipIn campaign has raised $14,717.44, however – reportedly more than required to replace what was lost.

“Astonishing really isn’t it, the amount of compassion and support eSports fans can show in such a short period of time,” wrote Bain on the campaign site.

“Since more than enough was raised to cover the costs, we have brought this fundraising to a close at ODEEs request. The excess cash will be donated to various charities of ODEEs choosing.”

Odee describes halogen lamps as “death traps” and urges others to replace them with safer LED alternatives.

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