Is this Wembley? Riot are bringing the European LCS to London’s Olympic venue

No, it is Thursday.

Usually when a major eSports event is announced, I’ll need to head to Wikipedia to find out what the venue’s normally used for. Not this time: London’s Wembley Arena hosted bits of the 2012 Olympics, which you probably watched, and the 1948 Olympics, which you probably didn’t.

In the years between it’s hosted inaudible gigs from The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones – and will now play temporary home to the League of Legends Championship Series for week five of its EU summer split.

Riot Games will broadcast live from Wembley Arena on June 21 and 22.

The developers said it was time to add the LCS to the list of prestigious events to be hosted at Wembley, “where it belongs”.

“The roar of the crowd at All-Star 2014 Paris was incredible and we can’t wait to bring that same electricity to the UK,” they wrote.

“Come along to cheer on your favourite EU LCS team as they battle to stay atop the table in the summer split. You don’t want to miss experiencing the LCS in this historic venue!”

Tickets will go on sale soon at LoL’s eSports site, and will presumably also be sold alongside misaligned t-shirts by shouty men blockading the venue.

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The EU LCS has set up a more permanent residence at its home studio in Cologne.

Did you know the LCS is a “significant investment [Riot are] not making any money from”? Yeah. But that’s fine, apparently, because they love it.