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Zyra getting major nerfs


In an effort to stunt abusive play patterns, Riot Games are nerfing Zyra in an upcoming hot fix by making her move more slowly and reducing the cumulative damage effects of her attacks.

Associate designer Bradford Wenban took to the forums to detail the
specific changes Riot are making to the mid-laner and the reasons
behind stripping back her abilities.

So, those changes:

  • Base movement speed reduced to 300
    (from 310)
  • When multiple plants attack the
    same target, additional plants deal 50% damage (from 75% damage)
  • Grasping Roots (E) damage per
    level decreased to 60/95/130/165/200 (from 60/105/150/195/240)
  • Stranglethorns damage reduced to
    180/265/350 (from 200/300/400)
  • Stranglethorns cast range reduced
    to 700 (from 800)

The reason behind cutting her speed is to bring her in line with the
other zone-controllers on offer already – Heimer, Orianna, and
Anivia. As it stood, Zyra could pootle about in her own lane faster
than other players could catch her meaning she could pop into and out
of combat realtively unscathed. In testing, Riot found thechanges they’ve made
have kept her a fast map-traverser but made her a little more
vulnerable in close quarters: “Small changes to base movement speed
are incredibly impactful when chasing or fleeing,” says Wenban,
“(Brand now catches up to Zyra 200% faster) but relatively minimal
when traversing long distances”
The rest of the changes are aimed at reducing her burst damage. Riot
are trying to turn her from a character who could move quickly into a
brawl, pile on the damage, and then peg it out again. Instead,
they’re forcing players to remain in the fight and inflict sustained
attacks. You’ll have to hang about in the danger spots longer to get
the kill, making her that wee bit more challenging.

LoL’s 101st hero is going to be nerfed as early as this
evening for North American players and the patch will roll over onto
our fair shores soon after.