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Leaked screenshot rumoured to reveal new Prince of Persia reboot


Pop your finest rumour hat on – the posh one you might wear to rumour Ascot, where all the horses are made of hearsay and conjecture – because a post on the Ubisoft forum would have you believe that the above leaked screenshot is of a new, unannounced Prince of Persia reboot.

The image is labeled ‘POP ZERO 2’ and, according to the poster, shows the freshly rebooted Prince standing amidst distinctly ancient looking townsfolk. Prince of Persia Zero was the codename given to an earlier cancelled reboot rumoured to be set in modern times, lending some credence to the notion that this is the second such attempt at rebooting the series. Kotaku also note that a similar setting appeared in leaked trailer stills posted on NeoGAF in May.

It’s got a certain Assassin’s Creediness to it, certainly, but it’s hard to draw any conclusions based on a single, early and potentially faked screenshot. Other members of the Ubisoft forum suggest that this screenshot might in fact belong to the rubbish looking Spartacus Legends, but that’s no fun to believe now is it?

Wherever the truth lies, what is going on with this dude?

I want to play as that guy.