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The least you could do: Minimum has a free weekend before it moves to Early Access

Minimum free weekend

Minimum has had a rather rocky development. Originally developed by TimeGate, it ended up in limbo when the studio declared bankruptcy, but was then pulled out of the bankruptcy proceedings by Atari, after which it was handed to Human Head. The folk who were taken off Prey 2 development because it was looking rough. 

It makes you worry about what state the game is going to be in. But you need not worry for long. Not only is it heading to Steam Early Access soon, it’s also available this weekend for free. The free weekend kicked off earlier today, and you can grab a key over at Gamepedia

Over the weekend, blocky combatants will fight in the Titan mode, where they’ll need to help each other out while gather resources, all with one goal: power up gargantuan titans which will punch fortifications, step on players and beat up other titans.

The free weekend will run until 1:00AM ET, May 5th. Until then, blocky warfare will be uninterrupted.

Cheers, Polygon.