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From booming burps to undead cries for beer, we listen in on the 7 most horrifying enemy noises in PC gaming

Most horrifying noises

Videogame enemies are gross. Well, perhaps not all of them, but certainly a lot of our gaming adversaries are nightmare fuel. This isn’t just because their flesh is all melty or that they wear viscera like a royal cloak, but more often than not because the noises they make chill our very souls. To make sure you’re aware of what’s coming when you hear the very worst of those noises, we’ve put together this handy visual/audio guide. Just tap the play button to get educated. 

Endure the worst of everything in the PC’s best survival games

Among our picks are the premium larger-demanding undead shufflers from Minecraft (seriously, just listen to them closely), Dead Space’s absolutely terrifying stalkers, and Half-Life 2’s nightmare fuel headcrab zombies. Did you know that Valve played the recordings for their zombies backwards to make them sound even more terrifying? Factoid gems like that and more await you in the video.

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