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Valve developer teases Left 4 Dead 3

Left 4 Dead

A Valve developer has teased the next installment in the studio's co-op zombie slaying saga, Left 4 Dead. Whether it was intentional or not remains to be seen, but the developer let slip a conspicuously named file on their computer in a tutorial for the Destinations Workshop Tools.

I don't know about you, but the fact that a sequel to one of the best zombie games ever might be coming has me excited. 

Valve's Tristan Reidford - the man responsible for the brilliant design of Portal 2's co-op robots, ATLAS and P-body - left a file called "left4dead3" visible in the tutorial. It was viewable in the eighth image, titled "08_directory_fun.png", via NeoGAF

Once the community caught wind of the file name it was photoshopped out, adding more fuel to the fire. 

The community has been doing some digging since and they've noticed that Tristan has been playing a lot of Left 4 Dead 2 lately. The popular theory is that he's actually developing Left 4 Dead 3, but hiding it behind a Left 4 Dead 2. 

I thought this was interesting, so I looked up his Steam profile. Sure enough, he was playing Left 4 Dead 2 when I checked just now. When I looked deeper, it became apparent that something was amiss. 

 Left 4 Dead

Tristan has apparently played Left 4 Dead 2 for 348.5 hours in the past two weeks, despite the fact there are only 336 hours in two weeks. He also has 49 hours on record just below that. What is it exactly that's distorting these stats? 

Digging further into his stats, Steam only shows that he's played four games of Left 4 Dead 2. He also has a record of 1,760 infected killed, but just beneath that it says he kills 259 per hour on average. Let's say he has played the game for 49 hours - that would mean he's killed 12,691 undead. 

There's definitely something going on. I just hope that something is Left 4 Dead 3. Come on, Valve. We know you can do it. Just count to three this once. 

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