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Legend of Grimrock 2 trailer takes the dungeon crawler out of the dungeon

legend of grimrock 2 trailer preorder release date

Legend of Grimrock gave you a group of prisoners and through you into a mountaintop dungeon, forcing you to go through it level by descending level to you could escape at the mountain’s base. It was dark, dank, and very dungeony.

Its sequel shipwrecks you on a bright, colourful island. It’s quite the change and one well worth seeing in its latest trailer.

In Grimrock 2 you’re trying to get to the centre of the Isle of Nex to work out what the heck is going on with all the magical beasties you’re encountering and, hopefully, find a way back home.

As before the game’s environments are laid out on a grid and your party moves through it as a block. You place your four party members in two rows of two which has a significant impact on combat. You want your wizards and rangers at the back, melee units in the front. The game promises more mind-ripping puzzles, too.

Clearly there are still dungeons in Legend of Grimrock 2 but the developers are working to wrap their grid-based combat in more outdoorsy clothes whenever they can. It’s not a genre that lends itself to the outside and it’s great seeing a team make it work.

Also, as with the last game, Legend of Grimrock 2 comes with a pull dungeon editor and Steam Workshop support, so expect a great many added hours from player-created campaigns.

Legend of Grimrock 2’s release date is set for the 15 October and you can preorder it through Almost Human Games’ site.