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Humble releases Humble Monthly - it's kinda Netflix for games

The folks over at Humble Bundle have launched Humble Monthly, a subscription service that will unlock new PC games every single month for $12. They'll be distributed by Steam and sometimes elsewhere, giving you a regular batch of new games to play. If you ever cancel, they don't take anything away - the games are yours forever, it just stops you receiving the next month's delivery.

The first version of the service is going live on November 6th and if you sign up before then you'll get Legend of Grimrock 2 immediately. That date indicates when new bundles will launch each month - the first Friday. This service doesn't seem to be replacing the regular Humble Bundles, so expect new ones of those every week as usual. It's unclear what you get if you start your subscription in the middle of a month. The implication is that some or all of the games for that month will immediately unlock, though.

As is normal for Humble, 5% of all the proceeds will go to various charities. Here's a handy video that lays all this out:

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This seems like a decent deal, but closer to a LootCrate type thing than Netflix. You don't get a massive back catalogue to pick and choose from when you start, but receive a pre-determined batch of items each month. Some will be better than others, both in whatever terms of objectivity you feel comfortable with and your personal preferences. That's a bit of a gamble, but for some it's the perfect solution to a want for new games but no interest in hunting them out. Unless the pickings are exceptionally meagre - or Humble don't get the rights to good games - chances are each month you'll have enough to tide you over until the next, assuming you don't have hours to play each day.

Anyone going for it?

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AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

Digital loot crates. It's hard to know how to feel about subscription boxes as you never know what you're going to like, and it's the subjectiveness of it all that matters. Yes, the items in a box may all be of the finest quality and admirable workmanship. Does this matter though if the items are of no relevance to you as an individual person?

I've trouble wrapping my head around this as you can't really factory produce a box for everyone. So if you've only enjoyed a couple of the items in the box, it's a bit of a waste of twenty pounds, no? The items may be fabulous, but they're ultimately uselessly fabulous.

Were I to receive a month of overly complicated strategy games filled with tiny text, it'd be twelve dollars down the drain to me as I'm terrible at those and I tend to avoid them like the plague.

I'm a massive fan of Humble and all those things they do, but I'm not certain that this is a good move. Especially not for video games. I think that a certain level of customisation is necessary, at least in regards to being able to exclude genres. Of course, if you can do that then ignore everything I've said. Can you?

If you can't... Well, it's not for me. It's not like it has sliders for charity and which developers you want the money to go to. If you are some sort of Super Gamer who likes every genre, though? Well, I imagine this would be perfect! After all, opening presents can be fun and I have no misgivings about that.

Gwathdring Avatar
2 Years ago

I don't understand how anyone can act like it is remotely acceptable to charge someone 12 dollars a month for unspecified merchandise in this context. It's one thing if you have a consistent brand and are delivering episodic content. It's another thing entirely when you're the digital equivalent of a department store.

This isn't just something I'm not interested in--I think this is extremely sketchy and unethical business practice. This goes along with "Selling (especially multiple) indirect fake currency you have to use to buy our stuff" as something that, in very specific cases, might be ok but is almost always pretty darn sketchy.

hahnchen Avatar
2 Years ago

A subscription games service is a great idea, the Playstation guys love it so much that they've forgotten it was used as a sweetener after switching to a mandatory pay-for-online service.

$12 for Grimrock 2 + mysteries is a good offer. Surely their launch bunch of games must be good. But I'm not convinced Humble have got their pricing right. PlayStation Plus is £6/month, and in general games are more expensive on consoles. I don't spend $12/month in the Humble Store, I generally spend less than $12 on the Humble Bundle, even if I beat the average. The FAQ states that games will be playable on "Steam for Windows. Sometimes more." But is that a guarantee that there won't be uPlay exclusives or other crapware that no-one wants?

I wish Valve would do something like this. The information they have on our games library, favourite games, friends and system specs would be excellent for a curated system.

Aerowix Avatar
2 Years ago

So what if the monthly batch has games that I already have? This is just as random as it can get. Also everyone has their own taste in games. Even further random.

Inquisitar Avatar
2 Years ago

Wow whole 5% for charity, this is so humble