Join the mini-figure police force as Lego City Undercover comes to Steam in Spring 2017

Lego City Undercover

Previously a Wii U exclusive released back in March 2013, Warner Bros Games has announced that Lego City Undercover will be coming to Steam next Spring. Based on traditional sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto, Lego City Undercover casts players as undercover cop Chase McClain, who must infiltrate the seedy underbelly of Lego City to catch various criminals. This usually involves driving round Lego City at high speeds, beating up thugs and occasionally firing a pig out of a cannon at ne’er do wells.

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Lego has stated that this version of Lego City will act as both a remaster and a rerelease for players who did not get a chance to experience this block based police simulator back on the Wii U, so expect Lego City to have had some renovations since 2013. You can check out the initial gameplay trailer for Lego City Undercover above, which shows Chase McClain beating up some baddies while dressed as a farmer among other things. All in a day’s work at Lego City Police Department.

Here is the official announcement from WB on Twitter: