Lego Lord of the Rings demo takes us back to our childhoods when games got demos


[Insert nostalgia dripped story about Lego here + open ending allowing reader to apply own memories] so you’ll be as happy as I am to hear about the Lego: Lord of the Rings demo. Oh the delectable irony that [draw comparison to childhood toy and the modern infrequency of game demonstrations realising before game release::Do not pause for laughter].

Check out the video below.

Found at the bottom of the toybox that isthe game’s Youtube channel:

It looks much alike to rest of Lego game ilk – that’s no bad thing, the Lego games are largely lovely – it does differ from the majority with its new open world.

Due out on the 23 November here in Europe, the yank’s get it 10 days earlier on the 13th.