Lego Marvel’s The Avengers trailer has the Hulk falling in love with a chicken


Of the Lego games, the first Marvel one is probably my favourite. It had it all – recognisable characters, fun ways to have them interact, a carefree plot and the terrifying, squelching body of Mr. Fantastic. Now Marvel’s back to the land of blocky primary colours, this time telling the stories of the movies between The Avengers and Age of Ultron in Lego’s usual irreverent style. It was announced at New York Comic Con for a January 29th release.

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What’s in the trailer is pretty much all we know – scenes from most of the major films from the last five years or so will pop up throughout the campaign, along with the massive cast you’re used to by now. Expect more details as we head towards the release date.

I quite badly would like to play as Ultron and destroy pathetic humans. That’s the game I’ve always wanted, Psychotic Robot Simulator 2015. Who would you like to pick up and play in a Lego Marvel game? Perhaps Miss America, the single greatest character ever invented?