LEGO Worlds update takes you under the sea

LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds, TT Games’ Minecraft-like approach to Lego games, has picked up quite a chunky update. Chief among the new additions is the ability to now explore and build underwater, provided you can hold your breath long enough! 

With underwater now being a thing, you can now use submarines to explore, or use one of the new characters that don’t need to breath at all and stay submerged as long as you need.

There’s been an overhaul of the Discoveries system, and you’ll now need to put a little extra work in to discover some characters and creatures. If you’ve already discovered everything in the game, you can reset your discoveries now and find them all again using the new system.

A map has been added, with various zoom levels and a handy waypoint system that lets you plot your own path. If when travelling along your path you see something interesting, you can now whip out an in-game camera and take a snapshot.

Alongside these new elements, you can expect the update to refine the interface with a neater layout, an info box that can be toggled on and off, and a new Virtual Floor that allows you to easily build in mid-air. Then there’s new content in the form of a few new discoveries and the competition-winning builds. Plus there’s a few new abilities for your characters, but TT Games want you to discover those for yourself.

The technical patch notes can be found here.