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Let it Die launches on PC next week

September 16:  Free-to-play permadeath brawler Let It Die will be out later this month, according to its new Steam page. The release date is set for September 26.

Grasshopper Manufacturer announced that the distinctively weird free-to-play dungeon brawler would be coming to PC earlier this summer.

GameSpot originally reported that the Suda51-produced Let it Die will launch on Steam before the end of the year. Like anything associated with Goichi Suda, it’s a gaming oddity, but at its core Let it Die is about ascending through the levels of the deathtrap-filled Tower of Barbs at the behest of a sunglasses-wearing Grim Reaper.

According to the Steam page, Let it Die’s PC edition will feature “a silky-smooth frame rate” and supports “ultra high resolution.”

Let it Die initially launched for PlayStation 4 in 2016, and while it’s a brawly third-person dungeon crawler, there are roguelike elements as well, such as permadeath and equipment foraging. You begin each run in your underpants, and have to scrounge for armor and gear as you square off with the AI enemies who reside in the sewer-like tunnels of Uncle Death’s tower.

When you die, your character and all the gear you’ve collected is saved and used in other players’ games as a tough NPC, a bit like the revenants in Nioh.

Here’s the cinematic trailer for the original PlayStation 4 release:

As GameSpot reports, Let it Die has been a solid hit on PlayStation 4, amassing four million players by April of this year. Now you can head over to the Let it Die Steam page for the latest details on the PC version.

PC-based Suda51 fans are going to be in good shape this fall, as Grasshopper Manufacture is set to release his classic Killer7  on Steam this year as well.