Watch us play Oh… Sir!! – a very British insult simulator

Oh Sir Let's Play

We’re lovers here at PCGN, not fighters, so this Let’s Play was never going to go well. Oh… Sir!! is an insult generator of the Monkey Island insult swordfighting variety, with a liberal splash of Monty Python and deeply British stylings. We’re talking bowler hats, monocles and people in full tweet meeting at duck ponds. It’s also an opportunity for Joel and Phil to sling some grammatically unwieldy barbs at each other –  in the industry, we call that ‘YouTube gold.’

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You can sit there and insult CPU opponents in private if you’d like, but we thought it’d be much more fun to face off against each other with epic putdowns such as “You support your husband” and “Your sister is a snivelling schoolboy and wanted to be you.”

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