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Lamborghini just made a PC case with Lian Li, and it looks amazing

The new 011D Evo RGB Automobili Lamborghini is clad in Giallo Orion yellow and carbon fiber, and even has a 5-inch screen for a dashboard.

Lamborghini Lian Li 011D PC case

PC case maker Lian Li has just teamed up with Automobili Lamborghini to make a fish tank case clad in the sports car maker’s famous yellow trim. The succinctly named Lian Li 011D Evo RGB Automobili Lamborghini is available in only 6,498 units, which the rev heads among you might notice is the same number as the cylinder capacity on several Lamborghini cars.

With its two glass walls providing a wide view of your case’s components, the Lian Li 011D has been a very popular case with PC gamers for a while now, setting a template for some of the best PC case designs on the market today. We’ve also seen it used in many eye-popping mods, including this water-cooled Acid Rain PC build.

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There’s always room for luxury refinement, though, and this new collaboration has several nods to the design of Lamborghini’s cars. Naturally, you get the logo on the front, but the glass also has a chrome mirror finish, while carbon fiber is used throughout the design. According to Lian Li, the feet and front I/O panel are both made from carbon fiber, giving it a distinctive look.

One of the key new touches, however, is the addition of a 5-inch screen inside the case, which has an 800 x 480 resolution and Lian Li calls the Lamborghini Dashboard. This displays GPU and CPU stats in real time, naturally in the style of the displays on a Lamborghini dashboard, complete with the company logo in the middle.

Lian Li Lamborghini 011D PC case front and back

Meanwhile, the colored accents are all clad in the car maker’s distinctive Giallo Orion yellow Pantone, including the thumb screws on the expansion slot brackets, and all the RGB lighting is set to this color by default as well. We’d advise using yellow sleeved PSU cables in your build as well, of course.

Lian Li Lamborghini 011D PC case dashboard screen

All 6,498 of the units are individually numbered, and the case is available to pre-order now. Unsurprisingly, though, it’s not cheap. The Lian Li 011D Evo RGB Automobili Lamborghini price is $299 (£260), which is nearly double the price of a standard black 011D.

If you’re looking for less bling case with a cheaper price, check out our NZXT H6 Flow RGB review, as this case also has a glass front and side, and goes for just over $100 right now.