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Lian Li’s new CPU cooler makes it easy to build a tidy gaming PC

With its clean tube design, Lian Li's new HydroShift 360 LCD AIO coolers make it easier to keep your AIO's tubes and cables hidden from sight.

lian li hydroshift 360 lcd clean tube 01

Lian Li has unveiled its new HydroShift 360 LCD AIO coolers that include a neat new addition that should make it easier to keep your gaming PC build tidy. The new Lian Li AIO coolers include a clean tube design that has the tubing clip to the side of the radiator and also carries the cabling for the fans inside the tube’s sleeving.

This clever tube and cable routing system means these new best CPU cooler contenders have an effortlessly clean look to them that’s enhanced further by the use of Lian Li‘s daisy-chainable Uni Fan fans that require no extra cables and the inclusion of L-shaped shrouds to cover where the tubes meet the AIO cooler.

Key to the new design is that the tubes can be rotated on the radiator so that although the design looks quite fixed in the image above, you can actually customize the tube routing to fit your system. You can have the tubes facing to the right as they exit the radiator or facing to the left, as shown in the image below.

lian li hydroshift 360 lcd clean tube 02

Also shown above is that the coolers come in black or white, with the white version clearly being the one that most benefits from all this cable/tube-routing treatment – there’s no hiding bad cabling in a clean white PC build.

Another prominent feature of these new AIOs is the IPS LCD screen integrated into the pump/CPU block. This 480 x 480 resolution, 24-bit color screen offers 500nits brightness and, via Lian Li’s L-Connect 3 software (and connected via the pump’s USB cable that Lian Li makes a point of not showing in most of its images), it can show system info such as coolant temperature as well as images and videos.

lian li hydroshift 360 lcd clean tube 03

The coolers are available in three variants as detailed here, all of which include daisy-chainable pre-installed fans, LCD display, and clean tube routing. However, the 360S comes with non-RGB Uni Fan P28 fans, a slightly lower-speed pump, and a thinner 27mm radiator. The 360R ups the pump speed and radiator thickness to 31mm and adds ARGB fans, though these require regular ARGB headers to control the lighting. Then there’s the 360TL which includes the company’s Uni Fan TL fans that have a single-cable connection smart connection – like Corsair iCUE Link.

The new range is available now with prices starting at $174 for the 360S, rising to $195 for the 360R, and topping out at $256 for the 360TL. So, suffice to say these are premium coolers but they should also make it that much easier to have your PC looking prim and proper in no time at all.

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