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Pow your way through Liberated’s comic dystopia, coming July

The animation is hand-drawn

Liberated is an action-adventure which takes placed inside a hand-drawn comic book from developer Atomic Wolf and publishers L.INC and Walkabout. Playing as a masked viligante, you ‘pow’ and ‘bang’ your way through the panels and areas of the noir-inspired art-style in a desolate city, evoking the likes of Frank Miller’s Sin City and Mike Mignola’s Hellboy.

In the dreary beat-’em-up, the action moves panel-to-panel through the story, making each encounter its own specific little challenge for you to sylishly deal with. Multiple points-of-view relay the narrative, and the cut-scenes include fully acted out voice-over, making sure the storytelling between levels doesn’t drop the intensity any. The project is said to a “visionary new take on digital comics”, merging robust interactivity with the printed story.

“Uncover an alarmingly current cyberpunk reality where human rights are dying away,” reads the description on the game’s Steam page. “Take up arms and solve puzzles in a noir rain-soaked city that’s desperate for justice.” You can dawn the mask for yourself when the game hits Steam in July of this year.

See it in the action here:

You can become one of the “liberated” yourself when the game hits Steam in July of this year.

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