Lies of P system requirements recommend a ray tracing GPU

The Lies of P system requirements don't ask much from your gaming PC, but you'll want a graphics card capable of ray tracing to get the most out of the game

Lies of P system requirements

The Lies of P system requirements shouldn’t prove too taxing for your gaming PC, but you’ll want to maintain as high a frame as possible in order to enjoy this action RPG to the fullest. As such, you may need to invest in a new graphics card prior to the game’s 2023 release date.

Generally speaking, the Lies of P system requirements aren’t very demanding, with developer Neowiz suggesting it’ll run just fine on quad-core processors like the Intel Core i5 7500 and AMD Ryzen 3 1200.

However, you can expect greater levels of performance by upgrading to a hexa-core chip, like the Core i7 8700 or Ryzen 5 3600, making it the best gaming CPU spec to opt for. Likewise, you’ll get away with 8GB of RAM but 16GB should help things run more smoothly.

There’s no word yet whether Nvidia DLSS or AMD FSR will be supported in Lies of P, but an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 560 will be enough to get you going. Those looking to hit the recommended specs will need something at least as powerful as an RTX 2060 or RX 6700, which are both capable of ray tracing, but no form of the tech has been confirmed yet.

Minimum Recommended
OS Windows 10 64-bit Windows 10 64-bit
CPU Intel Core i5 7500
AMD Ryzen 3 1200
Intel Core i7 8700
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
AMD Radeon RX 560
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060
AMD Radeon RX 6700
Storage TBC TBC

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