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Life is Feudal: MMO trailer shows a player’s first five hours in the medieval sandbox

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There are loads of survival games around now, but Bitbox, developers of Life is Feudal: MMO, want to show you why you should give this one a go. They’re doing this by showing an abridged journey through the game’s first five hours. 

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As with other games like this, you’ll start with nothing, stranded alone in the wilderness, and you’ll be forced to survive on a diet of berries. Craft a campfire for warmth, then chop down some trees for wood.

You’ll soon have tools. After that, you’ll want to make friends. Perhaps you’ll build a self-sufficient village together. Just be aware, the more stuff you have, the more you have to lose, and other players will want to take it from you. 

The trailer above shows this journey, as well as a look into the possibilities of the future. You can even end up sat on the throne of your own kingdom if things work out. 

You can take part in the beta on the Life is Feudal site now. 

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QDP2 avatar
QDP2 Avatar
1 Year ago

I couldn't tell the difference between this MMO and the original game ( "Life is Feudal: Your Own") without looking on the official website. Reworked with a bigger world, more players and the introduction of a Guild system (thanks to unified progression settings). All makes sense to me, but it's no different to the game they released back in 2015.

64-player groups within LiF:YO required signing up to groups, often joining a discord or voice chat of the like. The removal of that 'barrier' makes me fear it'll turn into Rust, with nobody trying to progress when they could just run around and bludgeon each other to death. There'll be no cost or delay if you play like a jerk in the MMO, because no admin can boot you from the server. Giving players power but nobody the authority to deal with the abusers? I've played enough survival MMOs to feel confident on what this Beta will develop into.