Life is Feudal is leaving Early Access, Sean Bean reminds us

Life is Feudal launching soon

Life is Feudal, the rather serious medieval sandbox, will soon be making the perilous journey from the rocky lands of Early Access to the peaceful plains of the Kingdom of Launch. Expect it on the other side on November 17th. 

To celebrate this milestone, the developers have roped everyone’s favourite constantly dying Yorkshireman, Sean Bean, to narrate an extremely gloomy animated trailer. Direct your eyes toward it, below.

Bloody hell, he lived through the whole thing! You’ll tell your grandchildren about this moment, the one time Sean Bean didn’t shuffle off his mortal coil.

Life is Feudal is one of those slightly hardcore sandboxes that actually requires proper teamwork. You can build a house anywhere, for instance, but doing it on your own might take a while. And creating a functioning village won’t be a one-person job, either. You’ll need a farmer buddy, a warrior buddy, maybe a mason and a carpenter. Everyone has a role to play. You might even find a Sean Bean, sacrificing themselves for their chums.