Life is Feudal: Your Own is out now with a 40% Steam discount and an utterly befuddling subtitle

Life is Feudal out now

In direct contradiction to Dontnod’s suggestion that Life is, in fact, Strange, Bitbox today release their 64-player multiplayer sandbox, Life is Feudal: Your Own. It’s a pretty hardcore take on the genre, featuring perma-death, a 3x3km medieval world to terraform, build fortresses on and smash each other to bits in, and boasts some recently added DX11 visual effects. 

Currently, Life is Feudal is selling with a 40% discount on Steam, so you can pick up a copy for £14.99/$23.99. And if ‘100% terraforming’ doesn’t sell it to you, nothing will. It’s an endearing trailer. Also, the bear fights, castle-building and medieval melee combat look like they’d while away a few hours if it came down to it.

“Life is Feudal: Your Own presents an open world full of possibilities,” reads the launch day announcement, “without the constraints of character classes. Work with your community to alter the landscape and use modular building tools to erect realistic villages and cities. Craft the items needed to survive and enrich your life, and challenge other players in physics-based combat.”

Here’s the feature list, for those looking to make Life is Feudal… your own, as it were:

Key features include:

– 64-player, 3km x 3km world in a realistic, medieval setting

– Create persistent worlds by your rules, including skill-caps, populations, and even permadeath

– Utilize modular building tools to create villages, cities, and fortresses

– Terraform the landscape above- and below-ground with nearly limitless freedom

– Make the character of your choosing with class-free character progression

– Hundreds of items to craft, from weapons and clothing, to buildings and decorations

– Repel the attacks of other players, or join with friends to build an army and conquer

– Physics-based combat using mouse and character movement. No lock-on targeting.

It’s strange to see lock-on targeting held up as some sort of scourge on modern gaming, but there we are. You can find out more about the game, including the planned MMO version due summer 2016, over on the Life is Feudal official site.