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Life is Strange studio has ‘lots of ideas’ for what happens after Season Two

It was only natural for fans to want more of Max and Chloe after the emotional conclusion of Life is Strange, the episodic adventure that starred two teenagers who find themselves mixed up in a story about time manipulation and self-discovery. But developer Dontnod has been looking to tell new stories, and the team has already begun exploring ideas about what they’ll do after Season Two – a completely new story set in the same world – wraps up.

CinemaBlend spoke with Square Enix’s communications manager for Life is Strange, Peter Fury, at PAX West earlier this month, who said that Dontnod has been brainstorming stories set in the Life is Strange universe and is keen to tell new ones.

“By the time the fifth episode [of Season One] came out it, was clear that this was a massive success beyond anything that anyone actually expected at the time, so everyone knew that we wanted to do more,” Fury told CinemaBlend. “Ultimately what Dontnod felt was they wanted to do something entirely new.”

When Life is Strange 2 begins September 27, players will meet two entirely new characters, Sean and Daniel, who have a completely new kind of story to explore. Dontnod has already told a new kind of story in the Life is Strange universe with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which debuted in June as a kind of free interstitial palate-cleanser piece bridging Life is Strange seasons one and two. The prequel, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, was a fan-centered send-off for Max and Chloe that was handled by another developer, Deck Nine.

Dontnod leadership has explained to GamesIndustry.biz at length that it’s a developer focused on innovation. The developer is currently working with Square Enix on Life is Strange and with Bandai Namco on a new IP. In early June, Dontnod released Vampyr, a wholly different kind of game from Life is Strange.

According to Fury, Dontnod intends to keep exploring new stories, and they have plenty of them in the works.

“They have a lot of stories that they came up with [for Life is Strange 2] and this was just the one that felt the most interesting to go with, but there’s been a lot characters, a lot of stories, that have been under consideration and exist in the back of everyone’s minds.”

Whatever’s next for Life is Strange, it’ll be something new and probably completely different.