Life is Strange anti-bullying campaign #EverydayHeroes launched, Square Enix will donate for every tweet


Bit of an odd one this. Life is Strange publisher Square Enix have partnered with the PACER National Bullying Prevention Center to run a hashtag campaign in which the former will donate money to the latter. It’s named after the Everyday Heroes photo contest that serves as the game’s early plot beats and wants to encourage stories of people standing up for each other.

Life is Strange picked up one of our year end awards for 2015.

They’ve created a very odd video to go with it, splicing together different bits of the game into a treatise on bullying and what you can do to prevent it. Perhaps it’s just because I’ve played it, but it seems rather forced.

Still, an honourable pursuit to be sure, and as someone who could have used a few less bullies during his secondary school years, I appreciate the cause. I’d rather Square Enix just donated however much they can spare to it rather than go through the rigmaroll of a Twitter campaign, but more people knowing about it through social media like this is a good thing.

You can read more about it and learn when by and what you have to tweet on the specially create website. Squeenix haven’t said how much they’ll be donating for each tweet, but presumably we’ll find out the total once they’re done, assuming it isn’t embarassingly low.