Life is Strange dev diary discusses the Butterfly Effect and time meddling

life is strange

Dontnod’s upcoming adventure Life is Strange is a little on the time-y wime-y side. Its central character Max is a bit of a Time Lady y’see, and can manipulate the passing of hours to her benefit. You’ll be doing it a lot during Life is Strange’s story, and so the development team have dedicated a video diary to exploring the Butterfly Effect and how that can change Max’s experiences. 

Altering time in the game will have short, mid, and long-term effects, so Max needs to be careful. There’s a solid ruleset for Dontnod’s time travel, and the video delves into how and why you might use it.

If you’re confused, then you need to chat with the devs in the Life is Strange Ask Me Anything, which is being held on Reddit on Tuesday 27th January. Be there between 2 and 4pm UK time to get your questions answered.

Life is Strange releases January 30th on Steam. You can purchase a season pass for all five episodes, or purchase the first episode on its own if you’re not ready to commit. If you love episode one, episodes 2-5 will be available at a discount.