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Life Is Strange Episode 4 launches July 28th, new trailer is spooky


In the ‘news I’ve been waiting for since June’ category is the release date for episode four of Life is Strange, Square-Enix’s brilliant (I think, anyway, Fraser was more middling) episodic adventure series about time-altering teenager Max. I waited until episode three to play it, meaning a full shotgun blast nine hours of excellence (with a slight let off for the shaky middle section of episode two) that left me begging for more. No longer. July 28th we’ll get the penultimate chapter of this year’s best story, and here’s the trailer to prove it. Unlike previous, it dodges spoiling anything from earlier episodes:

Yes. Good. I’ll avoid saying anything specific but this trailer manages to both excite me and fail to answer any of the humongous questions I have.

If you’ve not played the series, episodes one through three actually form a pretty great arc of their own. There is a bit of a cliffhangar, but plenty more is resolved and a number of internal stories are told in full. I’d highly recommend climbing on board now. Those episodes function as a good game by themselves, with the bonus that you’ll have all the watercooler moments of episode four to look forward to.

Current rumours would place the finalé to come out some time in September, which would also be consistant with the gap between the release of episodes three and four.