Life Is Strange Episode 5 is coming October 20th: prepare yourself for the big season finale

Life is Strange episode 5 trailer

Life is Strange has been a rollercoaster of emotional storytelling for a lot of gamers over the past year, with the high-school supernatural drama playing out over four strong episodes so far. The fifth and final episode – Polarized – will be with us on October 20th. To get yourself hyped, watch this new trailer.

I’m personally not watching it, since it has spoilers for episodes 1-4 and I’ve yet to play. But the impending release of Polarized means it will soon be time to blast through it in a Netflix-style marathon binge. Just with more button presses, angst, and time-bending decisions.

For a little more on what to expect, Dontnod say “In ‘Episode 5: Polarized’ Max learns that time is impossible to control as she moves inexorably towards the most agonising decision of her life. Arcadia Bay, meanwhile, is preparing to weather a huge storm as Life is Strange comes to a gripping and gut wrenching conclusion.”

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