Square Enix sale going on via their own site and Humble means Life is Cheap

Life is Strange demo

‘Tis the season to be on sale, apparently, as Square Enix joins the Steam wallet party with their own batch of sales. They’re split between the publisher’s own web-store offering various deals and a new Humble Bundle with the usual tiers of rewards based on how much you paid. Both have some fairly decent deals.

Some of the best RPGs ever are available in these deals.

On Squeenix’s site, you can grab all the PC-bound Final Fantasy’s at a fairly decent rate. I’d love to recommend FF6, but it’s still weighed down with the mobile sprite swaps. FF7 is obviously a good’un, and even those who have played it before might find the slight retranslation interesting. I’m a big fan of 8, but think being able to frameskip on an emulator is vastly preferable to playing a normal-speed version – that card game can get a little dull. Meanwhile, if you’d rather pick up something a bit more PC-classic, Deus Ex is on there for just over a pound.

Meanwhile the Humble Bundle has a couple of values that look worth it. A single dollar will get you the first episode of Life is Strange, which is worth ten times that, while also netting you some old Tomb Raiders, odd JRPG The Last Remnant and Murdered: Soul Suspect. That last is what I’m considering getting it for, not because I’ve heard it’s particularly good, but because a single dollar is about what checking out the dead-detective setting is worth. Anything else will be bonus.

Bumping that up to $8.99 will get you all of that, plus Tomb Raider’s reboot which is well worth it, and loads of other bits and bobs.

Let us know below if there’s anything else you think is worth picking up from Squeenix for the holidays.