Life is Strange Limited Edition is coming to physical retailers next year

Life is Strange Limited Edition

The highly-acclaimed adventure game Life is Strange is going physical in 2016 with a Limited Edition retail release. The boxed edition of the game will contain the full series of episodes, along with some bonus goodies, and will go on sale January 22nd.

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The PC Limited Edition of Life is Strange will be £19.99 / €24.99, and only available in Europe. It comes bundled with a 32-page artbook, a soundtrack featuring 14 licensed songs and eight original tracks by game compose Jonathan Morali, and a director’s commentary by Dontnod’s staff. It all comes packaged in an actual box (likely made of an unfamiliar substance called cardboard), which will be completely unfamiliar to anyone who has played Life is Strange already. Gone are the days of digital distribution. Say hello to the glorious future of packaging!

If you’re in North America and was hoping to pick up the Limited Edition, your consolation prize is that the physical edition of Life is Strange will be available on PS4 and Xbox One, should you wish to go the console route. They’ll be available January 19th.

Thanks, Eurogamer.