Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes to PC on December 10th, has the best glasses


The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is finally going to be complete on PC come December 10th after almost exactly a year since the release of XIII-2. I’ve actually been anticipating this one for quite some time, as I really enjoyed the world and story of the first game even through its combat system flaws and repetitive play. There’s a new trailer that explains abosolutely nothing about the game specifically for the PC version.

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I was wrong. It has a nice reminder than the main FF XIII theme isn’t very good. Sorry.

Lightning Returns takes a more action-oriented approach than its predecessors, and with only one character under your control it’s a little closer to Devil May Cry than Final Fantasy. It has a familiar ATB system from earlier entries in the series, but individual actions are mapped to buttons rather than hidden inside menus. Variation comes from the ability to select different garbs with seperate abilities and stats, akin to X-2’s (fantastic, I’ll have you know) dressphere system.

It also has an intriguing plot setup of the world ending days after the beginning of the game, with a constant countdown ticking towards game over. It can be manipulated and stopped, but it’s the first time I’ve seen something of this sort since Majora’s Mask.

How well does it all work? Not sure, as I never had a console to try the original version. Friends I’ve spoken to have been relatively positive on it, but reviews of that version hover between 6s and 7s for the most part. I’ll pass my own judgement in a few weeks, and if you plan to do the same you can grab it on Steamcome next month. It also includes various bits of DLC for free, but there hasn’t been word on the price yet.