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Like, love… LAN? 30 gaming emojis to improve your social media life

Gaming emojis

Facebook recently changed their ‘Like’ system, replacing that simple, effective thumbs-up with a small variety of emoji ‘reactions’ that allows you to express how you truly feel about a post. Do you love that photo of your friend’s new baby? Does that offensive post make you angry? Thanks to cartoon symbols, six extra forms of expression are yours to command!

facebook reactions

But when it comes to gaming, a ‘wow’ face doesn’t always cut it. In fact, there are so many reactions we have when it comes to our hobby, we really need a whole emoji set dedicated to it. So that’s exactly what we’ve done. Just witnessed a sick burn? Then ‘Boom! Headshot!’ is just what you’re looking for. Find that and 29 others below.

For when you just have to brag about your superior resolution.

1080p emoji

I remember the ‘90s!
Being retro is cool, right?

gameboy emoji

Great roll!
Alternatively, use to blame the dice when people are claiming your attack skills are awful.

D12 emoji

Tfw you’re totally obsolete
Nothing shouts ‘dead and buried’ like the Ouya.

ouya emoji

When you’re the all-in-one entertainment system at the party
The irony is strong with this one.

xbone emoji

Dead before its time
Particularly useful for anything involving Prey 2.

dreamcast emoji

Boom! Headshot!
When the insult was savage af.

crosshairs emoji

Thirsty for that wi-fi
It’s top of the pyramid of needs, you know?

wifi emoji

Ain’t nobody got space for that!
For those times when system specs take the biscuit.

hdd emoji

Mac compatible!!!
Those games that are OSX compatible deserve celebrating. It’s practically Christmas.

mac emoji

LAN Squad goals
For when the guild has done something notably Squad worthy.

squad goals emoji

Sweet moves
Nothing says how impressed you are better than WASD.

wasd emoji

Ready for a midnight session
Prepping to pull a launch day all-nighter? Say it with this emoji.

all nighter emoji

Tfw you can’t get it in properly
It’s just so frustrating…

usb emoji

Filthy casual game
The ultimate dismissive reaction.

ipad emoji

Jump Scares
International symbol of assured Twitch quality.

ghost emoji

Show your disgust at the non-PC native.

port emoji

For insults that stand a chance of recovery.

wound emoji

For insults with no chance of recovery.

empty heart emoji

Show your anger over that latest weapon re-balance.

nerfed emoji

It’s just Duck Hunt!
Rubbish FPS games described in a single image.

duck hunt emoji

The classic GTA line, now in handy emoji form.

busted emoji

Argument got you hot? Quitting in anger? Express it with a rage face.

doom emoji

PC Master Race
For when you need to demonstrate that superiority.

pc master race emoji

Deploy when praising Valve/Steam/GabeN for literally anything.

steam emoji

International Symbol of Gaming Excellence
There’s no higher award.

lambda emoji

Now you’re thinking with portals!
When the post is PhD-level smart.

portal emoji

Gotta collect ‘em all
Best for you’re bragging about your Steam library.

pokeball emoji

The cake is a lie
Point out blatant untruths with this classic.

cake emoji

Apologies in advance to Bethesda.

buggy emoji