Giant spiders and depressing boats for nothing: Limbo free on Steam today

Limbo free

Sadness is now free on Steam. Black and white exploration platformer Limbo is going 100% off on Steam right now until 10am PT / 6pm BST today. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s about the plodding adventures of a young boy in a purely black and white world as he battles massive insects and avoids horrible traps. It’s also a total classic, and if you download it today, you get to keep it forever.

Would you count it as one of the best indie games?

Here’s a trailer, to show off just how pretty it is.

Access is as simple as heading over to Steam and hitting install. So long as you do so before time runs out, it will be in your Steam library forever. Free games, people, get on it. I certainly will be, this particular artsy platformer having passed me by. Editor Joel says it’s very good, and the 95% approval rating on Steam would suggest he’s not alone in that analysis.

Those who have played it – how does it stack up versus the rest of the indie field?

Thanks, EG.