Lithium City is a neon soaked, isometric, tactical shooter inspired by Hotline Miami


Inspired by Hotline Miami, Lithium City leans more towards tactical play than twitchy combat. Its teaser trailer shows us a stylish, Tron-like world where angular bad guys need shooting and kicking to death. 

I really like the game’s art, with its translucent walls, neon glow and minimalist flair.

Gunplay in Hotline Miami was a frantic affair where you were often only able to aim in the general direction of your enemy and hope for the best. Lithium City looks to slow things down a little – though you can move through rooms speedily murdering everyone – by giving you a laser sight and demanding precision.

Death isn’t instant, which allows you to be more confident if you want to try and chain some melee combos with some slick, room-clearing shooting. I really like how glass shards shatter from enemies upon impact, combining with a screen shake to create a lovely sense of feedback. It looks like it could be one to watch, and with the developer aiming for release some time this year for PC and Mac, hopefully we’ll find out soon.

The teaser trailer shows the game in action and is overlayed by a dark synth track that nails the mood. Have a watch: