Little Inferno arrives this Saturday, buying now gets you into the beta


World of Goo came and lit up our hearts, leaving us crawling about on the floor in search of another indie fix. It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since it was first released. Four years since that perfectly formed puzzler gripped our easily twisted minds. Four years to wait till the minds being it’s next game. Though that time is at hand, this coming Monday sees the release of Little Inferno, a game about children burning things.

Our interest was piqued months ago when the first trailer was released:

This video was brought to you by Kyle from the future.

But since then there’s not been a squeak from the guys about how the game would play. There’s now a new trailer and means by which you, yesyou can start playingtoday.

Also from Kyle.

The game’s certainly an odd’un. The short end of it is that you just burn things. In a world that is getting inexplicably colder and colder, you’re the proud owner of a Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace. To fuel the fire you must fill it with your treasured toys and family heirlooms, setting them ablaze yourself. As the items burn you earn coins to buy new things to burn. This simple premise covers a much darker story that sits underneath. You receive letters from neighbours that are in their own homes, burning their own toys, getting cold, too. It’s this story that I want to know more of, that would sway me into buying the game because from what I can find online and what is on show in the video, it seems there is little more to the actual action than burning things. Though, from the makers of World of Goo I expect there is something else going on here.

The game’s set for release on19 November though you can pre-order the game today from the developers for $15. Doing so nets you instant access to the beta, which should tide you over until release. If you don’t like supporting developers directly, meany, then you can buy the game from Steam, too.