The first chapter of Little Nightmares’ Secrets of the Maw DLC is out now

Little Nightmares preview

The nasty, grotesque monsters of Little Nightmares are back to haunt you, as the game’s first bit of DLC in the ‘Secrets of the Maw’ season pass is now out. Play as a new character, called the Runaway Kid, and escape an entirely new threat: The Granny.

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Taking place in the Depths of the Maw, this DLC takes place alongside the main story, and has the Runaway Kid navigating water-filled, dingy areas that have been ignored for a long time. Leeches will surround the kid and kill him, The Granny can snatch him from beneath the waters, and frayed wires are a constant threat when the area is in disrepair.

The Granny herself is pretty horrible – I’ve watched a playthrough of the DLC, and it’s not the nicest creature, I’m not planning on giving it a hug. You can catch a glimpse of it in the trailer above.

The next part of the season pass takes place in The Hideaway, and will be released in November, with the final chapter coming out January next year, and will conclude the Runaway Kid’s story.