Live in the US? Convert your console games into Steam Wallet funds


Now this is interesting. If you’re in the USA and you’ve got a pile of old console games just sitting around gathering dust/breadcrumbs/thin layers of bacon fat, you can convert them into Steam funds by trading them in at physical videogames retail bazaar GameStop. Do it during the Steam Summer Sale and you’ll earn a 30% bonus to your bartering skill. That is to say, you’ll receive an extra 30% in-store credit towards Steam voucher cards. Death to physical media!

Of course, anything can be traded for credit towards Steam voucher cards, or simply sold for real money which you could then spend in the Steam Summer Sale. Console games, entire consoles, PC games, treasured belongings, the treasured belongings of loved ones: pretty much everything can be sold for profit, which is useful if you’re not American and can’t take advantage of the offer.
The discount ends on July 23rd. Here’s what we make of the Steam Summer Sale‘s offers so far. Just imagine how many Portal 2s you could buy if you chucked that copy of Gears ofHalo-man 4, or how many Terrarias you’d get for a single copy of Nolan North’s Dramatic Jumping Adventure 3.