Thousands of people are playing Loading Screen Simulator, and they love it

Loading Screen Simulator

Clicker games: they’re like videogames without any of the, er, anything. Taking this to its logical conclusion, Loading Screen Simulator takes out the pesky part where it actually starts and instead builds an entire experience around the frustrating act of endlessly waiting for things to load. The people, as you might expect, are well into it.

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What started as a bit of a Greenlight joke back in 2015 has finally made it to Steam proper in the last couple of days. Perhaps predictably, it then took YouTube by storm, with the masses following close behind.

If you’re unfamiliar with the clicker genre then Loading Screen Simulator is a classic example. A little humour, some pixel graphics, and a lot of clicking. Doing so gets you cash to upgrade your clicking experience, in this case represented by a better OS, a more pleasant browser, and music. It’s also totally free, perhaps explaining why it has an 86% positive review ranking out of almost 2,000.

Since launching four days ago, it’s had a peak concurrent player count of over a thousand, never dipping below 300. While that doesn’t exactly beat out GTA 5, it’s still more than twice that of Battleborn. Very addictive.